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Welcome in the training division of the website of continuous education center. In this section you can get the information you required about the sessions provided by the center with the curriculums. The results of the sessions are also published in the section of training sessions.

training section Results Courses

You can page through this access to the results of the examinations in the training sessions held   Within The center of continuous education with full details of each course. Contains   Based on the full archive of each courses, the center its completion since the founding of the site   The mail for more details about previous sessions Please review the achievements supplement

training section Sessions to be held

E-list contains under this tab on each Courses which will be announced The center of continuous education curriculum with an explanation of vocabulary and times of training sessions

training section Ongoing sessions

Existing courses currently includes a tab updates all sessions held currently with mention Platform for the session and the number of participants and venues of the training sessions next to other electronic contents of a private inference and search for participants from outside the university of babylon

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