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~ In the name of God the most gracious the most merciful ~

All praise to Allah and peace and mercy be upon his messenger Mohammad and his pure households. The connection of higher education with the development of the society force us to support and develop the education because it has become a necessity of life. The process of developing and improving higher education stands on two major pillars:
1- The thoughts, experiences and expertise in the field of education in addition to the modern methods in teaching and training.
2- The application of the thoughts, expertise and experiences in training programs in order to get benefit from them in the industrial projects.

When the teaching staff needs improvements, this means that the programs should be updated to keep base with the advanced developments in the field of education. This improvement needs professional and skilled teaching staff able to use the advanced methods of education. Give a chance to innovation, support conclusion and improving the skills of communication and scientific discussion. Also analyzing problems, continuous evaluation and taking into consideration the new techniques in administrating the learning environment. Improving the ability of teaching staff is an investment because we will harvest in the future the behavior and skills of their students.

Continuous education and cadre development center is one of the most important basis in developing education and administrating the experiences in the university of Babylon. The center is responsible about raising the level of abilities and benefit from the scientific experiences. Using these experiences to serve the institutions of government and serve industry beside improving the services that raise the level of quality. The center give these services through presenting advanced programs to improve the abilities and skills of the employees. In addition, the center provide reliable programs to raise the level of the performances of academic leaders beside their abilities for making decisions. The center also does many sessions and programs aim at providing the students of higher education with the scientific and research skills.

Finally, I hope this website be as a gate for communication with all the institutions of the government and also with the teaching staff of the university. I wish the visitors of the website find it useful. Please don't hastate to tell us your suggestions, through your suggestions we can work together to improve the work of the center and raise our precious university to the rank of excellence and innovation. May God help you all to serve our community, our institutions, and our university.

Dr . Ahmed Mohammed Assi Dujaili
Director of the Continuous Education Center
Presidency of the University of Babylon

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