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Mission and vision of the center

The center of continuous education  رئاسة university of babylon

~ Mission and vision of the center ~

The administration of the center since the start in 2011 works to unite the divisions of the center under one administration and in one building. This step is necessary in order to save time and money, coordinate efforts, and give the best training possible. Also training the human resources in and outside the university in order to meet the needs of training quality.
The administration of the center works hard to give the most recent training to those in need from inside or outside the university. This training will improve the human resources whether governmental groups or private groups. By giving these services, the center aims to be one of the most important training centers. To accomplish the objectives of the center, continuous programs and plans are always implemented in the center inside the university and outside (in the field) to accomplish its objectives.

The objectives of continuous education center

The most important objective of the center is to be in touch with the latest developments in the field of knowledge. In return, the center is keen to give the results of the latest researches to people, whether they work inside or outside university. Providing opportunities for the workers of the government to learn what is new and useful in the different fields of science, technology, and art.

Helping the employees to gain experiences and skills to be up to date with cultural, scientific, technological and social developments. Providing opportunities to the new teaching staff to know the basics of university teaching. Also giving them the idea of quality of university teaching and the new methods in higher education. Spreading the culture of innovation and creation in science, art and fine art. The integration of the programs of continuous education and the programs of production, health and professional programs.

Also the center aims at achieving integration between regular education and continuous education. This is done by following means insure the success of this integration. Making relationships with the agencies and scientific departments that care about human resources in or out side Iraq. In addition, developing human resources on the scientific, professional, and administrative levels. Also conducting extensive studies that are connected with everyday life especially the aspects that need training and improving. Organizing training sessions for the different segments of the society by giving them what they need. Participating in sessions, seminars and workshops and train the interns on using informational technology and communications in teaching, learning and scientific research. Participating in fighting illiteracy and digital literacy of the employees in the university and the villages near it. Other objectives are written in the book of instructions and laws of continuous education centers.
The center also participate in the scientific seminars inside and outside the university. Activating scientific research in the center in addition to providing consultants for the students of higher education as well as bachelor students. The library of the center and the experience of the professors in addition to the blueprints are all used for the benefit of the students. Strengthening the relationship of the university with the community of Hilla city by holding sessions and seminars and mutual visitations. Studying the history of the city of Hila and have a thorough details about the figures of the city. Spreading the legacy of the ancient city of Babylon by writing books, translating them or even publishing them. The books should deal with different fields of art and science of the city. The center adopted the issuance of the cultural encyclopedia of Hilla city. The encyclopedia is considered as a documentation for the achievements of the culture of Babylonians and the city of Hilla.

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