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The center of continuous education  رئاسة university of babylon
The board of directors of the center was established for the first time in (2010-2011). The board of directors consist from:

1. Prof. QahtanHadi Hussein al-Jubouri / Assistant of the university Rector for scientific Affairs - Chairman of the Board.
2. Dr.. Ahmed Mohammed Assi - the center's director, Vice President.
3. Dr.. KazemFinteelAlsultani- Faculty of material Engineering- member.
4. Dr.. Safa Hussein Turaihi - Faculty of Medicine, member.
5. Dr.. Salam AbdulAlzahrh- Faculty of law –member.
6. Mr. Mahmoud Shaker Hmoudi- presidency of the university - the computer center – member.
7. Zainab Abdullah Hiyal - presidency of the university – Accountant of the Center – Council rapporteur.

The chairman of the university approved the structure of the center prepared by the current administrator. The current structure of the center consist of board of directors. The board of directors consist of the chairman of the council and members from the colleges of medicine, law and engineering. Another two members represent the directorate of health and the directorate of education in the governorate. The center now consist of " division of training and development which off into three units. First unit does the duties of training and developing university teaching.


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