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The center of continuous education  رئاسة university of babylon
The center perform a leading role in the scientific and cultural movement of humanitarian sciences. The cadre of the center works by following a plan of duties to achieve the objectives of the administration of the university on one hand and the administration of the center on the other. These duties are represented by following up researches and put a time table for each one. The researcher has to submit a report about the stages he reaches in his research. The center also studies the problems and put a solution for each one. This is done in the weekly meeting between the administration of the center and the researchers. The center is also responsible about evaluating the research, deciding the validity of publication, documenting the activities of the center, and holding weekly seminars.

The center also asks researchers to write researches by following a scientific plan. The axes of this plan involves the history of Hila and Babylon city. The publication of books, referring theses ( PhD, Ma.) to books to be considered as references are also tasks of the center. These books can be used by the students (initial or graduate studies) as resources talk about the history of Hila and Babylon city. In addition, The center issues a scientific journal for humanitarian researches. The museum is one of the duties of the center which has a gypsum duplications of the scientists of Hila, ancient statues and documents. Moreover,taking great care of the library and provide it with the necessary books.

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