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The center of continuous education C.T.C

The center of continuous education was founded in (1992) which is the same year of the foundation of Babylon university. A number of professors from the university of Babylon administrated the center. Between the history of the center foundation and the end of the year 2013, the center has trained thousands of employees and technicians who work in the university of Babylon and other universities, government institutions, private sector, and the new teaching staff. The sessions of the center also included the fields of computer, engineering, safety, education sciences, administration, the use of DNA in criminal evidence, and life skills. In 2010 the center was named "the center of cadre development " and it was merged with another center " center of teaching methods and university training " which was connected with the college of education. The ministry of education did not approve the new name, so the center back to its old name ( continuous education canter) and the words "cadre development" were added to the name.

Administration of the center is keen to present the best training in and outside the university in order to participate in the growth of human resources and updating their experiences and skills. Through these services, the center wants to be one of the most important training centers that trainees find the skills and experiences needed by the market. To achieve the vision and mission of the center, the center works hard to prepare traditional and modern training programs and implement them in and outside the university.

The work of the center now is preparing opportunities for the new staff to get acquainted with the modern university teaching, and keep the new staff up to date with the modern teaching methods of university teaching and the basics of thinking and creativity in sciences, arts, fine arts and technology. The integration of continuous teaching programs and the programs of health, production and professional. Also achieve the integration between regular education and continuous education by using special methods that ensure the success of this integration. forge closer ties with the agencies and production departments that put human resources within their objectives in or out side Iraq in order to improve human resources administratively, scientifically and professionally. Also conducting research and studies that are connected with the real life for the different professions holders and specify the aspects need training.

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